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Enjoy On-the-Go 85g Enjoy On-the-Go 85g

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Enjoy Mix, on-the-go

Enjoy Mix is a celebration of Nuts and Kernels from all over the world.

The Enjoy Mix is lightly salted and ready to enjoy!

Festival Mix, on-the-go

Nuts and Кernels from all over the world, seasoned with selected spices.

Tropical Mix, on-the-go

A tasty and colorful mix of salty nuts and sweets, dried fruits.

Great as an energizing snack in between, or as breakfast cereals.

Natural Mix 70g

A mix of natural, non-salted nuts and kernels from all over the world.

Great as snack food, breakfast cereals or cooking.

Cashews 70g

Enjoy Cashews is a delicious collection of our best cashews.

They are just lighty salted and ready to enjoy.

Almond mix 70g

With no oils or fats added, these dry roasted Almonds are

guaranteed to retain their full original taste.

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